Women After 40 – Lose Weight Permanently With These 3 Easy Expert Tips – No Gym Or Exercise Required



Are you a woman after 40? Do you want to lose weight permanently and keep the fat off forever? In this short article I’d like to share with you 3 easy applicable tips helping you to lose weight permanently.

imagesThe secret to permanent weight loss is: You need to be active when you are not exercising. Too many experts focus only on what to do in the gym, or which exercises to do at home. Of course, you should exercise- but your time is very limited.

Most women after age 40 have a busy life. There is not that much time to exercise, so you need to make sure your activity level is high when you are not exercising. You’ll need to burn calories outside of the gym.

But, given the sedentary lifestyle many of us have, isn’t that hard to do? Well, you can always integrate some physical activity.

  1. An easy way to get some exercise is avoiding escalators and elevators. Use the stairs. It will tone your butt and thighs nicely too- so you get exercise while looking better. Isn’t that a great combination?
  2. If you have a desk-bound job (as most of us have) get up at least every hour and walk around a bit. If necessary, buy a timer to remind you. When you are sitting for a long time, not only your heart rate goes down. You metabolism switches into fat storing mode too- what you want to avoid. Your work performance will improve also, because you are getting breaks regularly.
  3. Spend your lunch break walking. Too many women after age 40 have lunch sitting with colleagues. Better get up, get outside the office and start moving. Bring your food from home; the fast food many of us eat over lunch will end up on your waist.

To lose weight permanently, you will need a program helping you to find out what works for you long term. It should help you to include simple changes in your life giving long-term, permanent weight loss results.

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Perry Permann

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