What Changes Women Can Expect After 40

By Pauline A Delany

Heading Into Your 40’s

Forty is a mystic number for women’s well-being. Your career, friendships, and social connections may all be thriving. Yet heading into your 40’s also means that your likelihood of developing illnesses such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, or thyroid conditions rise significantly. You might not yet be aware of some risks associated with the aforementioned diseases. For instance, the American Heart Association, stated that 23 percent of women ages 40 and over passed away within one year after they had a heart attack in comparison to 18 percent of men.

Several diseases naturally become more frequent as we get older. Certain lifestyle practices, such as using tobacco or poor nutrition, start to take a toll on our body by age 40. No one can turn time backwards, but you can discover how to guard yourself against these health problems, which could destroy your condition of living. Along with guidance from your physician, you want to focus on prevention, as well as, early detection for certain medical conditions.

Reaching Your Mid 40’s

Menopause is likely going to provide you with a new perspective on health and life as a woman. The joys of premenstrual syndrome, reproductive issues, and menstrual discomforts are issues that will not be a concern much longer. You will find that hot flashes and some of the other premenopausal symptoms begin to gradually disappear. Once you start to move further into your life, you could start feeling a sudden burst of optimism and energy, which is termed “postmenopausal zest.”

Over the next decades, you will find that your focus will continually begin to shift. Initially, you will be more concerned with managing or preventing conditions, which become more widespread as your supply of estrogen continues to decline, such as, heart-disease, osteoporosis, skin changes, sexual dysfunctions, and bladder control.

Once you hit your mid-life, or later, you have probably begun to experience some new signs of aging. You might be finding that your joints are starting to ache and that your skin is starting to dry out, your sleep cycle is off and you find you have insomnia. This is also a point in your life when you run the chance of developing degenerative diseases. Most of these chronic conditions that start to plague midlife women are partly due to their declining estrogen levels, which help to maintain your bodies tissues within the reproductive organs, brains, breasts, bladders, bones, and cardiovascular system. Your genetic makeup is complicit in the process, as are all the cumulative effects that happen with normal environmental forces, aging, and lifestyle choices.

But through it all, there are natural and pharmaceutical options available to help you cope with all of the changes that you are going through or will be going through. It will be a bit of a rough road, but with a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, you will find that it is not going to be the struggle that you thought it was going to be. There is a reason they say that your 40’s are the new 30’s, and now it’s your turn to find out why.

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