Weight Loss Tips for Women After Forty



Life begins at forty, but losing that excess fat at 40 is not everyone’s piece of cake. Not just the rigorous task of going through a slow metabolism, but the hormonal changes brings about new challenges like weight gain. The symptoms to these changes are allergies, depression, anxiety, hair loss, facial hair, low libido, nausea, dizziness, headaches, etc.

The busy lifestyle leaves many women with the need for adequate sleep. Insomnia and sleep apnoea are pretty common with the huge responsibilities that they need to shoulder. Sleeping through the required amount of time is efficient for any weight loss regime. Six to eight hours a day is a necessity to keep up sound health. Sleep deprivation is not unusual with age.

Simply exercising or a diet program might not provide adequate results. At this age, women need to learn about leading a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding junk food with fats and oils would come as the first step in any weight loss tip. Sugar or any other sweetening prodimagesucts, even the ones which say low-fat products should be avoided. They lower down your metabolic rate.

The diet maintained by a woman at forty should differ from that of a young lady. You need to understand that your body can no longer assimilate the carbohydrates. Hence the consumption should be put under control. The food cooked for teens is extra fattening for you. Cook separately for yourself.

The busy schedule rarely gives you anytime for exercise. You need to fit in some daily physical activity which you can do along with your work. Try taking the stairs, walk while you are over the phone, even standing rather than sitting can burn up to more than 150 calories per day. You need to find out the activities you can incorporate within your hectic schedule.

If nothing works out, take time out for breathing exercises at dawn. It will not only burn the fats, but also help you clear your early bowel movements. Take two spoons of honey with few drops of lime in lukewarm water for at least two weeks. These homemade remedies might take some time but the results prevail longer.

Lastly, do not forget the power of water. By far this is the best weight loss tip ever. It detoxifies, burns calorie, cleans your blood etc. Losing your weight after a certain age might not be easy but it is not impossible.

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