Weight Loss After 40 – The Wellness Trifecta

By Pauline A Delany

Women often find that a number of areas of their lives change once they reach the age of 40. They gain extra weight in their stomach, have problems getting enough sleep and don’t seem to get the same results from their exercise attempts that they once did. They often have less energy and more stress, making them less efficient at everything they do.

The Wellness Trifecta is an approach to wellness developed by Ari Meisel, author of “Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier.” Meisel sees wellness as the cornerstone of a productivity system based on Less Doing. He looks at optimal health as coming from a triangular representation of sleep, nutrition and fitness at each corner while supplements are in the center. In order to make the system effective, you must have all of these elements while applying limited resources to them. Meisel uses Tech resources that help with each area of the triangle. This approach has helped many women over 40 who were unable to achieve weight loss using traditional weight loss methods.

The Doing Less approach is quite different from those that require you to do more of one thing (exercise) whenever you have also increased another (eating). One example that Meisel gives is that when you experience a night with only poor quality sleep, it is up to you to make the conscious decision not to work out the next day. To do otherwise, he believes you are doing harm to your body. With the right mindset, women can achieve a greater feeling of overall well-being.

What it Means to “Eat Well”

According to The Wellness Trifecta, food should be used as fuel to provide you with the energy you need to do what you want to do. One way to give the body the fuel it needs to perform is to include the good fats it needs and not the unhealthy fats that can lead to excess belly fat and reduced energy, two things that are often experienced by women over 40.

Some good fats include:


Olive Oil

Wild Caught Fish

Coconut Oil



Eating good fats will improve mental clarity and help you control your appetite so that food cravings and overeating become a thing of the past.

Tech Resources Include:

Thryve Food Tracker

Food Sense

Inside Tracker

Food Sense

How Much Sleep is the Right Amount?

Meisel recommends starting with a sleep tracker such as Sleep Cycle or Basis Watch to help you learn your sleep cycle. This refers to the time that it takes you to go from light sleep to deep sleep and then into REM sleep before you cycle back to light sleep again. Tech resources like Sleepyyti.me can help you figure out when you need to go to bed in order to wake up during the light sleep phases so you feel refreshed.

The Exercise Component

The goal of exercise should be to achieve optimal fitness. What that means is different for each person. It should be composed of different types of exercise including strength or skill training in addition to high intensity interval training. Interval training has been shown to boost weight loss, a big plus for women over 40. It also aids in joint mobility, making it easier to move as you move into old age.

Tech Resources for Fitness include:

CNS Tap Test

Stress Check

Basis Watch

These are all valuable resources for women over 40 to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss thanks to modern technology.

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