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After 40 Dating for Women: Is Your Bedroom Too Girly? How to Attract Your Groom Using Feng Shui



Ladies, is your bedroom’s energy repelling men? Is your bedroom full of chintz, lace, and girly pillows and patterns. Your bedroom’s energy might be too girly to attract relationship oriented marriage-minded men. Don’t fret. This is a quick and easy fix. Discover romance Feng Shui secrets to fix the energy in your home. Stop pushing single men out of your sphere with what is in your bedroom. Start attracting love and romance with Feng Shui secrets right in your bedchamber. He doesn’t even need to see your room for these powerful secrets to have their effect! Read on to learn what to do.

You can implement these tips in just 1 weekend, and start seeing the dramatic changes this week. You’ll notice the dramatic results in your interactions with men by next week.

imagesFeng Shui is powerful for effecting change in your life. The very energy and ambiance of your bedroom is one of the most powerfully effective ways to alter your romantic life.

Take a cold hard look at your bedroom and assess it along these lines.

Is you bedroom full of only girly fabrics like floral chintzes and frilly lace-edged toss pillows?

Do you have a television set, computer, tablet, or other computer-based electronic gadgets in your room?

Is your bed pushed up against a wall, with access to it from only one side?

What images do you have in frames displayed on your bureau? What about the pictures on the wall? Do they feature lone women in fashionable clothers?

Do you have flowers or plants in your bedroom?

If you said “yes” to any or all of these questions, then your bedroom is guilty of jeopartizing your chances with men, and repelling guys.

What can you do?

One color placed in your bedroom that immediately activates romance in your life is the color red. However, red is a super-charged power color. So, while you do want to add it to your bedroom, you also want to use it sparingly. Think to add 2 red candles. Activating the element of fire in a low key manner via a flame light candle also contributes to the romantic attraction ambiance and energy of your single woman’s bedroom.You could additionally add 1 single small red heart shaped pillow. See what I mean? What I suggested were both small items, and only a few of them. Alternatively, you can add some items in pink.

If you have all chintz and lace, just dial it back a bit. Purchase some blue or green sheets for your bed to balance them. And consider removing a few of the pillows so there are only a few of them on your bed.

Electronic device cut the romantic energy of your bedroom. They stimulate things too much mentally in your bedroom which disturbs the mood for romance, resting, and sleep which you desire in a bedchamber. Flowers and plants stimulate too much, also. Remove them to the living room.

Pull you bed out from against the wall so energetically another person could have room here.

Take down any solo woman images from your walls and remove family photos from your bedroom. Place those photos in the living room instead. In your bedroom, have images of pairs. You can have figurines of a boy and girl kissing or artwork which features couples.

Start making these changes this weekend, and light your new candles. Feel the shift by next week with your more romantic couple-oriented energy with men. And remember to smile and flirt with them when you do!

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Relationships and Love After Forty

By Tonja Weimer

Are you over forty, single, and think a love relationship has passed you by? Do you think you will never find love because you are “older”? The truth is, with the right attitude, being over forty can work to your advantage. In all probability, you have learned something from your past relationships. You are at a stage where you can look beyond the surface presentation of someone and deeper into their character.

What are the qualities that you can polish, if you are over forty, that will make you very attractive? Take a look at the following:

*Learn to listen

People over forty have a better sense of how to listen. Being in a love relationship takes listening skills. Listening involves more than letting someone else talk–though it begins there. Many people cannot allow enough time or room to let the other person express what they want to say. To listen with care is to allow that space and to not judge. Full listening is giving someone your complete attention without expecting something in return.

*Develop your talents

If you are over forty, you probably have discovered some activities that you are good at. Being a talented person is very attractive. Relationships that flourish are usually between two very talented people. If you do not know what you are good at, uncover those hidden desires and dreams and go find your edge. You develop your unique identity from polishing your talents and acknowledging your successes.

*Be brave and adventurous

People who are not afraid to fall in love and have a relationship must have a certain amount of bravery. When you are over forty, you are more willing to take the risks associated with putting yourself out there and discovering if there is the potential for love. What do you have to lose? You may discover that the person you thought you could care for is not available–emotionally, or otherwise–but that does not mean you are not worth loving or that you are not going to find the perfect person for you. It just means that you have to keep looking. People over forty are willing to make an adventure out of being single.

Have commitment and determination

If you truly want to find love and a relationship–at any age–you must persevere. Did you just walk out of the house one day and get handed your diploma or your job or your home? Of course not. You worked for it. So why would you think that you could just walk out the door and fall into the arms of True Love? If you are over forty, you are going to have to DO something. And, if you are over forty, you are mature enough to figure out what actions you have to take.

Stay in the “now”

Keep your conversation in the present and your eyes on the road ahead. Being actively involved in a life of possibility attracts people to you. Talking about your current interests draws others to you. Many people over forty have not put their past hurts behind them. When they meet someone new, they talk about their EX. Get some help in moving past that issue so you can find the love and the life that you deserve.

The sooner we learn that age has nothing to do with meeting people, the sooner we can find someone wonderful. Can you find love and a great relationship after forty? Of course!

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