Pros and Cons of Becoming a Mother After 40

By Pauline A Delany

It was a real internal debate when I started to write this article about whether I should start with the pros or the cons of becoming a mother in your 40’s. However, after reviewing the information that I had on hand, and noticing that there were a lot fewer cons than there were pros I figured I’d get the cons out of the way first. So please don’t despair when you start to read this article, the cons are short and to the point, and there are a lot more pros that follow them and provide good reasons for starting motherhood later in life.


Declining Fertility

A woman over the age of 40 has significantly reduced chances of conceiving due to a couple different factors. Basically, every female is born with eggs, and roughly 300 will be a part of your ovulation cycle until you hit menopause. Although you still have eggs remaining, your fertility begins to bottom out around age 35, and all but hits the bottom of the dry well by your 40’s, due to hormonal fluctuations that are age related.

Increased Risk Factors

These numbers are not pretty, but they are important, so they are being included in this article. A married woman between 40-44 has a 60% chance that she will remain without child. Any woman within the ages of 40-44 could (note the word could not will) run a risk of miscarriage at the rate of 34%, and a woman who is 40 has a 1 out of 106 chance that she could have a bundle of joy with Down syndrome.

Upside (see that was not so bad)

Abundant Benefits

Women in their 40’s bring many resources and benefits to motherhood, which allow them to obtain the most from their longer life expectancy. Due to the fact that they had to wait so long to become a mother, they will dedicate themselves to proper health and nutrition during pregnancy, after birth, and throughout the duration of her child’s life

Due to the fact that these soon to be mothers have worked for years, most are financially secure and are able to, properly provide, for their child and spend more time with them and less at work. But out of all of these reasons mentioned so far, the fact that the mother may have gone through great lengths, to become pregnant, the gratitude that she will deeply feel will be placed towards her newborn child who will reap her gratitude with a lifetime of love, patience and understanding.

Long Live The Fit 40 Year Old Mother

Studies show that a mother in her 40’s who is fit can handle being a mom just as easily as a mother who is in her 30’s. Her advanced maternal age doesn’t reduce her parenting capacity due to mental or physical ability nor does any parenting stress. Plus, one study showed that women of at least 45 who conceived naturally and birthed their baby were, in fact, 14-17% less likely to pass away within the first few years of their 50’s than any other woman who didn’t birth a child after their 40’s; this study concluded that older moms were more likely to stay alive longer.

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