What Are Some of the Risks of Pregnancy After 35?



There are both risks of pregnancy after 35 and benefits of postponing motherhood to this age. Women often get perturbed when doctors refer to pregnancy over 35 years of age as advanced maternal age. Rather than getting perturbed women should attempt to understand the underlying risks of conceiving late. Needless to say doctors are the best to judge a woman’s physical health and monitor pregnancy to prevent and treat complications.

What are some of the problems and risks associated with pregnancy after 35 years of age?

a) Infertility

Infertility is more common in women as they age. As we age, our fertility naturally declines. imagesWomen who postpone their decision to have a baby often are surprised when they are unable to conceive immediately. This adds to their worry and anxiety. Instead of getting anxious it is best to consult a doctor if a woman is unable to conceive even after six months of trying.

b) Diabetes and blood pressure

Chances of suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure significantly increase with age. Such conditions often begin to affect women after the age of 30. Getting pregnant with these health conditions poses a number of risks.

c) Birth defects

Incidence of certain chromosomal birth defects is more common in older mothers. To quote an example a 20 years old woman has a 1 in 1250 chance of having a baby with Down’s syndrome. This probability increases to 1 in 400 for a women aged 35 and 1 in 100 for a woman of 40 years of age.

d) Miscarriage and stillbirth

Miscarriage and stillbirths are common in older women compared to young ones.

e) Complications during pregnancy

Complications happen more often in older women. Two of the most common and serious complications are gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is also referred to as pregnancy induced hypertension. These conditions are normally monitored very closely by doctors to keep it under check.

f) Cesarean

As the age of the mother increases Cesarean rates too tend to rise. Statistically around 28% of women over the age of 35 undergo Cesarean as compared to only 10% of women under the age of 25.

Although there are increased risks of pregnancy after 35 years of age, most babies born to older mothers are normally healthy. After taking into consideration the age and physical condition of the mother, doctors monitor their health and suggest additional testing, wherever required. It is indeed possible to have a baby after 35 normally all that you need to do is to get regular prenatal care, eat a healthy diet and most importantly enjoy your pregnancy.

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Tips For Women Losing Weight After 40


One of the best things about being over 40 is we feel we are a little smarter than we were at 20. Okay, I feel a whole lot smarter! I did not get to be over 40 and not learn anything. Sometimes I admit it took me a couple kicks at the can to really learn what I needed but learn it I did.

One of the areas I’m talking about is weight loss. It took me more than a couple turns at that can to know what worked best for me. More than likely you feel the same way. Like me you have discovered that while we feel we are smarter than we were years ago our body is proving to us just how much we don’t know yet! Yes, we are aging. Not that that’s a bad thing but as we age our body starts to slow down and prepares itself for menopause. Our estrogen is not being produced in the same amount it was when we younger causing our metabolism to slow down.

This means we have to work a bit harder than our “20 something” bodies did. Nobody ever said getting older would be easier but I would have thought that just getting to this age should have given us an excuse for some easy sailing! Oh well, if we were afraid of a bit of work we would have not lived through puberty, never gotten married or lived with someone and for sure NEVER would have had children!

Here are 4 weight loss tips I found to help me get my body to work with me not against.

1. EAT LESS CALORIES- as we have gotten older our body requires less calories. In order to lose weight we must burn more calories than we take in. Keep track how much you are eating in a day and add it up. Try to do this for 3 or 4 days. Eat what you would normally, don’t make any changes yet. After the 4 days you should have a gauge of how much you are taking in daily. Minus the total for the day by about 500 calories and try that.

2. EAT MORE OFTEN- you need to feed your body more often during the day than we have been. Instead of eating our calories in 3 meals during the day spread them out into 5-6 meals. This prevents overeating and binging.images

3. DON’T SKIP MEALS- you must eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism. Like a car your body needs fuel to work correctly. Hint: you actually burn calories just by digesting your food!

4. GET YOUR BODY MOVING- the best thing to improving your health, losing weight and feeling better is to get moving. This boosts our energy levels and makes us feel younger! I’m all for feeling younger! Start off slow by doing 15 minutes of activity 3 times a week and work up to 45 minutes of activity 4 to 5 times a week. You will be surprised at how good you will start to feel!

I hope this has helped you and given you some inspiration on your weight loss after 40 journey.

If you need more guidance or information please take a look at http://www.squidoo.com/easyweightlosstipsforwomenoverforty

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After 40 Singles Coaching: Ladies, Learn How to Talk to Men in Forties and Fifties at a Coffee Shop




Most single women over 40 years old find it challenging to meet quality men in their forties and fifties. Midlife women are so busy with their own careers and kids that it can feel daunting to try to meet eligible bachelors their own age.

One of the best ways to get back into dating at any age is to practice breaking the ice and talking with people wherever you go during your day and while running your errands.

It can feel nerve-racking to try to have a conversation with a complete stranger. But don’t you find yourself standing next to strangers at the coffee bar asking them to pass you a coffee stirring device? That is an ice breaker! When you head out to start your work day or your weekend, go visit your favorite coffee shop. While you are in line either waiting to place your order or to receive your beverage, just calmly ask the other people milling about a question or two. “Have you ever tried their cappuccino? I keep meaning to do so.” “What is your favorite imagespastry? They all look so good. I have a hard time choosing which one to buy today.”

When you reach the front of the ordering line, be friendly with the cashier. So often the employees running the cash register are doing the same tasks all day long. It can be mind numbing and boring work to perform for 8 hours.

Be warm and gracious with these people, and the other people standing in line notice that you are a friendly, thoughtful, and considerate person. That kind of sweet well-mannered behavior appeals both to midlife ladies and mature gentleman. Singles who really want a relationship want to be with a person who has some skills and is personable. You can be good looking and take care of your physical appearance, but if you have no people skills and inner qualities, the quality single will look elsewhere.

When you hear your beverage called out as ready by the coffee barista, step up to receive it and as you do so, look up, make eye contact with the employee, and smile and thank them. Everyone who is relationship-motivated appreciates and desires a mate with good manners, poise and polish. Men really enjoy being verbally appreciated by women. When a middle aged guy sees you’re a woman who can enjoy and appreciate the little things in life, then he starts to think that maybe you’re a woman he could manage to please. No one wants to be with a mate who is impossible to please.

By heading out to a coffee shop today, you can start to practice your singles social ice breaking conversation skills. Once you break the ice, it’s an easy segue to a first date!

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Women After 40 – Lose Weight Permanently With These 3 Easy Expert Tips – No Gym Or Exercise Required



Are you a woman after 40? Do you want to lose weight permanently and keep the fat off forever? In this short article I’d like to share with you 3 easy applicable tips helping you to lose weight permanently.

imagesThe secret to permanent weight loss is: You need to be active when you are not exercising. Too many experts focus only on what to do in the gym, or which exercises to do at home. Of course, you should exercise- but your time is very limited.

Most women after age 40 have a busy life. There is not that much time to exercise, so you need to make sure your activity level is high when you are not exercising. You’ll need to burn calories outside of the gym.

But, given the sedentary lifestyle many of us have, isn’t that hard to do? Well, you can always integrate some physical activity.

  1. An easy way to get some exercise is avoiding escalators and elevators. Use the stairs. It will tone your butt and thighs nicely too- so you get exercise while looking better. Isn’t that a great combination?
  2. If you have a desk-bound job (as most of us have) get up at least every hour and walk around a bit. If necessary, buy a timer to remind you. When you are sitting for a long time, not only your heart rate goes down. You metabolism switches into fat storing mode too- what you want to avoid. Your work performance will improve also, because you are getting breaks regularly.
  3. Spend your lunch break walking. Too many women after age 40 have lunch sitting with colleagues. Better get up, get outside the office and start moving. Bring your food from home; the fast food many of us eat over lunch will end up on your waist.

To lose weight permanently, you will need a program helping you to find out what works for you long term. It should help you to include simple changes in your life giving long-term, permanent weight loss results.

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Perry Permann

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