Night Sweats After 40

By Pauline A Delany

Have you ever woken up covered in sweat in the middle of the night, only to look over and see your mate all snuggled up under the blankets almost looking cold? Any woman over 40 can tell you how it feels to be in the middle of a sleep cycle, only to be woken up by the feeling of drowning in your own bodily fluids. By bodily fluids, I mean night sweats. You wake up, throw the covers, the sheets, everything off your body just to get that first feel of cool, refreshing, air against your pale, damp, wet skin. It’s not even just waking up beside your partner like that; it’s trying to snuggle against your partner and not being able to because no more than five minutes into holding each other, it’s like the local slip and slide between the two of you, you’re sweating so much. Have you ever wondered why that is?

That sweating is our bodies naturally built-in heat elimination system. It’s meant to be there. The problem with night sweats is that our body’s heating system kicks into overdrive, when there is no reason for it to because we are sleeping.

What is actually happening is that, normally in our life, we have times that we have little or no activity happening with our estrogen, and then we have a little bit of activity. Then we have our menstruation, and it will peak and then slow down again, but when we hit our 40’s and start the menopausal stage of our life, we will have times when there is zero activity with our estrogen, but then there are times when our estrogen activity goes through the roof. After going through the roof, the ovaries realize they can’t make enough and stop and start again, and repeat this cycle over and over again. The result of this happening is what is known as ‘night sweats’. Because our body doesn’t realize that it has made too much or too little estrogen, it just knows that there’s a constant fluctuation in the heating system, which in turn drives us women nuts at bed time.

One very popular and natural method of helping to reduce the effects of night sweats is a very old one. The use of a natural sage supplement has been counted on, to help with the effects of night sweats for as far back as people can remember. A few drops of the sage extract supplement on the tip of your tongue each day for three months will help your body begin to regulate its internal temperature, and lessen the attacks of night sweats.

It might not be the best taste on the tongue, but it’s worth it to reduce the attacks of night sweats, regulate your internal heating system and allow you to have more snuggle time with your mate at night. Try to buy the pure sage extract. Pure is always better.

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