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Tips For Women Losing Weight After 40


One of the best things about being over 40 is we feel we are a little smarter than we were at 20. Okay, I feel a whole lot smarter! I did not get to be over 40 and not learn anything. Sometimes I admit it took me a couple kicks at the can to really learn what I needed but learn it I did.

One of the areas I’m talking about is weight loss. It took me more than a couple turns at that can to know what worked best for me. More than likely you feel the same way. Like me you have discovered that while we feel we are smarter than we were years ago our body is proving to us just how much we don’t know yet! Yes, we are aging. Not that that’s a bad thing but as we age our body starts to slow down and prepares itself for menopause. Our estrogen is not being produced in the same amount it was when we younger causing our metabolism to slow down.

This means we have to work a bit harder than our “20 something” bodies did. Nobody ever said getting older would be easier but I would have thought that just getting to this age should have given us an excuse for some easy sailing! Oh well, if we were afraid of a bit of work we would have not lived through puberty, never gotten married or lived with someone and for sure NEVER would have had children!

Here are 4 weight loss tips I found to help me get my body to work with me not against.

1. EAT LESS CALORIES- as we have gotten older our body requires less calories. In order to lose weight we must burn more calories than we take in. Keep track how much you are eating in a day and add it up. Try to do this for 3 or 4 days. Eat what you would normally, don’t make any changes yet. After the 4 days you should have a gauge of how much you are taking in daily. Minus the total for the day by about 500 calories and try that.

2. EAT MORE OFTEN- you need to feed your body more often during the day than we have been. Instead of eating our calories in 3 meals during the day spread them out into 5-6 meals. This prevents overeating and binging.images

3. DON’T SKIP MEALS- you must eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism. Like a car your body needs fuel to work correctly. Hint: you actually burn calories just by digesting your food!

4. GET YOUR BODY MOVING- the best thing to improving your health, losing weight and feeling better is to get moving. This boosts our energy levels and makes us feel younger! I’m all for feeling younger! Start off slow by doing 15 minutes of activity 3 times a week and work up to 45 minutes of activity 4 to 5 times a week. You will be surprised at how good you will start to feel!

I hope this has helped you and given you some inspiration on your weight loss after 40 journey.

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Women After 40 – Lose Weight Permanently With These 3 Easy Expert Tips – No Gym Or Exercise Required



Are you a woman after 40? Do you want to lose weight permanently and keep the fat off forever? In this short article I’d like to share with you 3 easy applicable tips helping you to lose weight permanently.

imagesThe secret to permanent weight loss is: You need to be active when you are not exercising. Too many experts focus only on what to do in the gym, or which exercises to do at home. Of course, you should exercise- but your time is very limited.

Most women after age 40 have a busy life. There is not that much time to exercise, so you need to make sure your activity level is high when you are not exercising. You’ll need to burn calories outside of the gym.

But, given the sedentary lifestyle many of us have, isn’t that hard to do? Well, you can always integrate some physical activity.

  1. An easy way to get some exercise is avoiding escalators and elevators. Use the stairs. It will tone your butt and thighs nicely too- so you get exercise while looking better. Isn’t that a great combination?
  2. If you have a desk-bound job (as most of us have) get up at least every hour and walk around a bit. If necessary, buy a timer to remind you. When you are sitting for a long time, not only your heart rate goes down. You metabolism switches into fat storing mode too- what you want to avoid. Your work performance will improve also, because you are getting breaks regularly.
  3. Spend your lunch break walking. Too many women after age 40 have lunch sitting with colleagues. Better get up, get outside the office and start moving. Bring your food from home; the fast food many of us eat over lunch will end up on your waist.

To lose weight permanently, you will need a program helping you to find out what works for you long term. It should help you to include simple changes in your life giving long-term, permanent weight loss results.

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Weight Loss Tips for Women After Forty



Life begins at forty, but losing that excess fat at 40 is not everyone’s piece of cake. Not just the rigorous task of going through a slow metabolism, but the hormonal changes brings about new challenges like weight gain. The symptoms to these changes are allergies, depression, anxiety, hair loss, facial hair, low libido, nausea, dizziness, headaches, etc.

The busy lifestyle leaves many women with the need for adequate sleep. Insomnia and sleep apnoea are pretty common with the huge responsibilities that they need to shoulder. Sleeping through the required amount of time is efficient for any weight loss regime. Six to eight hours a day is a necessity to keep up sound health. Sleep deprivation is not unusual with age.

Simply exercising or a diet program might not provide adequate results. At this age, women need to learn about leading a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding junk food with fats and oils would come as the first step in any weight loss tip. Sugar or any other sweetening prodimagesucts, even the ones which say low-fat products should be avoided. They lower down your metabolic rate.

The diet maintained by a woman at forty should differ from that of a young lady. You need to understand that your body can no longer assimilate the carbohydrates. Hence the consumption should be put under control. The food cooked for teens is extra fattening for you. Cook separately for yourself.

The busy schedule rarely gives you anytime for exercise. You need to fit in some daily physical activity which you can do along with your work. Try taking the stairs, walk while you are over the phone, even standing rather than sitting can burn up to more than 150 calories per day. You need to find out the activities you can incorporate within your hectic schedule.

If nothing works out, take time out for breathing exercises at dawn. It will not only burn the fats, but also help you clear your early bowel movements. Take two spoons of honey with few drops of lime in lukewarm water for at least two weeks. These homemade remedies might take some time but the results prevail longer.

Lastly, do not forget the power of water. By far this is the best weight loss tip ever. It detoxifies, burns calorie, cleans your blood etc. Losing your weight after a certain age might not be easy but it is not impossible.

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Why Stress Makes You Fat After 40


By Pauline A Delany

Stress. We all have it and, to some degree, need it just to function. Today, we live in a fast-moving society that is naturally more stressful than many people can tolerate. Once stress gets to the point that it is controlling our actions and emotions, it often impacts our appetite. For some, this can mean a decrease in what we eat. For some people, higher levels of stress are more likely to cause an increase in the way we eat. While this may not be a big problem during your twenties or thirties, it can begin to have a serious impact on your weight once you pass the age of 40.

The Hormonal Impact

Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, is normally produced by the adrenal glands in imagesquantities that decrease as the day progresses, with the highest levels occurring early in the morning. The purpose of cortisol is to maintain blood pressure and provide energy to the body. It creates energy by breaking down the fat and carbohydrates in the body and maintains blood sugar levels by controlling the release of insulin.

The increased cortisol production that occurs in response to physical or emotional stress is what earned the hormone its nickname. When production is increased, the normal patterns of production can be disrupted so that the highest levels are not always present first thing in the morning. Not only does the increase in cortisol promote weight gain, but it also leads to increases in abdominal fat that is dangerous to your health and a common problem for women over 40.

Weight Loss After 40

As women near the age of menopause, their bodies stop producing as much oestrogen. As a result, added weight is more likely to go to the abdominal area rather than on the hips or thighs where it is stored during childbearing years. In addition, they have more problems sleeping, a lower metabolism, and tend to be less active. These are all factors that can lead to an increase in weight gain. When stress and increased levels of cortisone come into play, keeping the extra pounds off becomes even more challenging.

The Solution

Certainly, reducing stress levels as much as possible can help. Learning breathing techniques to get through stressful times and taking time to do things you enjoy no matter how hectic your schedule is are common ways that women reduce the impact of a stressful career or home life. Whenever possible, remove yourself from those situations that you know can cause you stress. Preventing a stressful situation from occurring is a lot more effective than trying to control your body’s response once it is already happening.

While there may not be a proven method for reducing or eliminating the impact of cortisol on your diet, exercise has thus far proven to be the most effective method for lowering the level of cortisone in your body. Taking a 15 to 30 minute walk around the workplace during your lunch break could help you reduce stress, decrease the impact of cortisol, burn calories and control appetite so that you don’t each as much. It is a simple way to prevent weight gain without the unknown side effects that may come with taking an unproven supplement.

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Sleep Your Way to Skinny After 40

By Pauline A Delany

To many women, the idea that they can lose weight by getting more sleep sounds too simple to be true. But when you factor in the hormone factor, the idea takes on new light. By the age of 40, women are well aware of the impact that hormones can have on their physical and emotional well-being. Hormones are responsible for regulating the body’s functions, determining when you can reproduce, repair damaged tissue, and digest your food. Now it looks as though hormones related to sleep could also be the reason your attempts at losing weight aren’t working.

The Hormonal System of Appetite Control

Two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, work together to control appetite by making you feel hungry or full. Ghrelin, a hormone produced in the gastrointestinal tract, triggers your appetite, making you feel hungry. Leptin, a hormone produced in fat cells, lets you know when you are full. The production of these hormones is affected by the amount of sleep you get, with the amount of each that is produced being inversely proportional to the other. When one is produced in a higher quantity, less of the other is produced.images

When you don’t get enough sleep, leptin production decreases and ghrelin production is increased. That means that you find yourself with an increased appetite and nothing to make you feel satisfied after you eat. Even worse, this condition leads to cravings for high-carb foods that are also high in calories. These are the same kinds of foods that many women over 40 need to avoid to prevent gaining excess belly fat that is dangerous to their health.

The Solution

There are still questions about the way these hormones affect individuals, specifically why the reverse seems to be the case for those who have obstructive sleep apnea. The need to get more sleep is also problematic for many women who find that they are no longer able to fall asleep as quickly as they used to they are unable to stay asleep once they do. After 40, women may have night sweats that make it difficult to sleep as well.

Too often, women simply accept the difficulty they are having getting a good night’s rest as a symptom of ageing. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing frequent symptoms of insomnia, night sweats or if you have been told you snore. Rule out any health conditions that may be interfering with your ability to sleep and which may indirectly be causing you to experience weight gain. Also, ask your doctor about ways to improve sleep so that you get a higher quantity and a better quality. Although research has not yet proven the connection, many professionals believe that the quality of sleep you get also plays a role in leptin and ghrelin production.

Bringing it Together

Although getting enough sleep may have a significant impact on your ability to lose weight, it isn’t a one-step solution to weight loss. It is still important to eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise and avoid empty calorie foods that add to weight gain while providing no nutritional value.

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