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What Are Some of the Risks of Pregnancy After 35?



There are both risks of pregnancy after 35 and benefits of postponing motherhood to this age. Women often get perturbed when doctors refer to pregnancy over 35 years of age as advanced maternal age. Rather than getting perturbed women should attempt to understand the underlying risks of conceiving late. Needless to say doctors are the best to judge a woman’s physical health and monitor pregnancy to prevent and treat complications.

What are some of the problems and risks associated with pregnancy after 35 years of age?

a) Infertility

Infertility is more common in women as they age. As we age, our fertility naturally declines. imagesWomen who postpone their decision to have a baby often are surprised when they are unable to conceive immediately. This adds to their worry and anxiety. Instead of getting anxious it is best to consult a doctor if a woman is unable to conceive even after six months of trying.

b) Diabetes and blood pressure

Chances of suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure significantly increase with age. Such conditions often begin to affect women after the age of 30. Getting pregnant with these health conditions poses a number of risks.

c) Birth defects

Incidence of certain chromosomal birth defects is more common in older mothers. To quote an example a 20 years old woman has a 1 in 1250 chance of having a baby with Down’s syndrome. This probability increases to 1 in 400 for a women aged 35 and 1 in 100 for a woman of 40 years of age.

d) Miscarriage and stillbirth

Miscarriage and stillbirths are common in older women compared to young ones.

e) Complications during pregnancy

Complications happen more often in older women. Two of the most common and serious complications are gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is also referred to as pregnancy induced hypertension. These conditions are normally monitored very closely by doctors to keep it under check.

f) Cesarean

As the age of the mother increases Cesarean rates too tend to rise. Statistically around 28% of women over the age of 35 undergo Cesarean as compared to only 10% of women under the age of 25.

Although there are increased risks of pregnancy after 35 years of age, most babies born to older mothers are normally healthy. After taking into consideration the age and physical condition of the mother, doctors monitor their health and suggest additional testing, wherever required. It is indeed possible to have a baby after 35 normally all that you need to do is to get regular prenatal care, eat a healthy diet and most importantly enjoy your pregnancy.

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Pros and Cons of Becoming a Mother After 40

By Pauline A Delany

It was a real internal debate when I started to write this article about whether I should start with the pros or the cons of becoming a mother in your 40’s. However, after reviewing the information that I had on hand, and noticing that there were a lot fewer cons than there were pros I figured I’d get the cons out of the way first. So please don’t despair when you start to read this article, the cons are short and to the point, and there are a lot more pros that follow them and provide good reasons for starting motherhood later in life.


Declining Fertility

A woman over the age of 40 has significantly reduced chances of conceiving due to a couple different factors. Basically, every female is born with eggs, and roughly 300 will be a part of your ovulation cycle until you hit menopause. Although you still have eggs remaining, your fertility begins to bottom out around age 35, and all but hits the bottom of the dry well by your 40’s, due to hormonal fluctuations that are age related.

Increased Risk Factors

These numbers are not pretty, but they are important, so they are being included in this article. A married woman between 40-44 has a 60% chance that she will remain without child. Any woman within the ages of 40-44 could (note the word could not will) run a risk of miscarriage at the rate of 34%, and a woman who is 40 has a 1 out of 106 chance that she could have a bundle of joy with Down syndrome.

Upside (see that was not so bad)

Abundant Benefits

Women in their 40’s bring many resources and benefits to motherhood, which allow them to obtain the most from their longer life expectancy. Due to the fact that they had to wait so long to become a mother, they will dedicate themselves to proper health and nutrition during pregnancy, after birth, and throughout the duration of her child’s life

Due to the fact that these soon to be mothers have worked for years, most are financially secure and are able to, properly provide, for their child and spend more time with them and less at work. But out of all of these reasons mentioned so far, the fact that the mother may have gone through great lengths, to become pregnant, the gratitude that she will deeply feel will be placed towards her newborn child who will reap her gratitude with a lifetime of love, patience and understanding.

Long Live The Fit 40 Year Old Mother

Studies show that a mother in her 40’s who is fit can handle being a mom just as easily as a mother who is in her 30’s. Her advanced maternal age doesn’t reduce her parenting capacity due to mental or physical ability nor does any parenting stress. Plus, one study showed that women of at least 45 who conceived naturally and birthed their baby were, in fact, 14-17% less likely to pass away within the first few years of their 50’s than any other woman who didn’t birth a child after their 40’s; this study concluded that older moms were more likely to stay alive longer.

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Tips on Why Many Women Get Pregnant After 40


Author: Kaitlyn Miller

Motherhood is definitely every woman’s dream. The dream would certainly come to be more extreme especially in a particular phase of their lives, the 40’s. At this age, women are currently pressure as the time begins ticking against their bodies.

It can be really challenging to be pregnant after the age of 40. Women who are over the age of 40 will be keen to obtain their hands on some useful techniques for pregnancy after 40, to enhance their chances to get pregnant. How is it possible to still get pregnant when you are over the age of 40? By all suggests, females at this age would certainly still love to become pregnant naturally. However, added care and safety measure is essential throughout the whole process. Becoming pregnant in your 40’s is extremely different from being pregnant in your 20’s. One wrong move and your pregnancy would definitely lead to miscarriage.

It might involve opting for certain examinations to check your ovarian reserves to determine how lots of eggs are still fertile.

Useful Tips for Pregnancy After 40

The very best way to determine why women are struggling to obtain pregnant after 40 is to discover just how we could avoid it. There are a number of reasons why females are battling to obtain pregnant once they are over the age of 40. Let us take more details to consider some ideas for pregnancy after 40:

Excessive weight is commonly the reason why women are making it difficult to get pregnant after 40. Having a BMI value of 34 can easily hinder a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant.

Tips for pregnancy after 40 disclose that ladies who are at an unhealthy weight usually experience a hormone inequality that causes high levels of estrogens being produced, making it more difficult to get pregnant. Why not try an effective way and discover why many women get pregnant after 40.

Caffeine is one more major contributor in preventing ladies from getting pregnant. The strategies about pregnancy after 40 programs that it might be advisable to switch to decaffeinated coffee.

One more explanation besides being obese is when ladies are undernourished, which avoid them from ovulating, specifically when their BMI is less than 18.

Smoking is yet another root cause that avoids a woman from getting pregnant over the age of 40, and often times increase the chances of picking up complications during pregnancy. Tips for pregnancy after 40 advise that you stop smoking cigarettes to enhance the quality of your egg cells.

Doing away with adverse feelings by thinking in a beneficial method will assist to relieve your mind from adverse ideas which are very helpful ideas for pregnancy after 40.

You have to time it right when it would be the best time to have sex which is generally every choice day that gets between day ten and the day of your menstruation. It is stated to be the very best time to obtain pregnant as it is ovulation time.

Make your pregnancy in your 40’s the most incredible experience in your life. Enjoy the procedure and the life that little life that growing within you. The pleasure that you feel will surly exude to the life that is within you.

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