About Me

My name is Pauline Delany and I am comfortably sitting in the age bracket that many of my readers will also inhabit.

I am an Optometrist by profession, which gives me a great opportunity to interact with people from a wide variety of cultures, age groups and backgrounds. It is amazing how many people open up in my chair, both about their eyes (which is probably expected, since they have consulted me for this purpose!), but also about their life and general circumstances. I have had many people enjoying the opportunity to spend half an hour with me, knowing that they have my full attention for that time period, and that I am 100 percent focussed on them, both on their specific eye problems, but also their general well-being, where they work, their occupation, family situation and how their vision problems particularly are impacting their life. So I feel like I have quite a wide variety of experience interacting with people of all ages, counselling them, chatting with them, and generally obtaining insights into people’s lives and how they cope and deal with everyday things.

Outside of my professional life, I am married to a wonderful husband and am a busy mother of four beautiful children, aged between nine and nineteen years old. And let me tell you, that I have experienced a huge range of interesting situations and personalities here with a combination of three boys and one girl adding to the fun!  I spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning and looking after my brood, who are, unfortunately not as self-sufficient as I would like. Hopefully I can continue to guide them in this regard. Cleaning their rooms, bathrooms and kitchen seem to be very low on their list of priorities, and I am  sure that I am not alone here!

I try to allow time for myself too, so I am not consumed by my role as a wife, mother and career woman. I spend time at the gym, going for walks, reading, sewing and knitting, and trying to enjoy my life. Travelling is definitely on my agenda in the not too distant future.

I am passionate about staying healthy, becoming fit by exercising and eating fresh wholesome food and definitely keeping up my enthusiasm and vigour for life by dressing with some pzazz and style, so I don’t become one of these frumpy housewives whose kids are embarrassed to point out as their mums.

I can’t wait for other like-minded women who feel the same way to join me on exploring the joyous ups and downs of being A Fit and Healthy Woman After 40!