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Mumpreneurs-how to make it work!

Mumpreneurs – how to make it work! There are many different types of mums out there. We all have our own style, expectations and quirky ways of doing things. And we all have different responsibilities, jobs and commitments.
Many mums have been enterprising enough to start their own business or have created entrepreneurial partnerships with others that have enabled them to build their own successful business. These women have definitely done a great job. They are go-getters, driven and motivated not only by the financial  rewards, but are often following their dreams and have a real passion for their business. This is admirable and inspirational.
But they have not done this lightly, and in most cases, the path to success has been rocky, rather than smooth. It takes a lot of dedication, devotion and sacrifice to make a business a success, and, as a mumpreneur, there are some unique challenges that can arise along the way to the achievement of lofty business goals.  Striking a true balance between business and home life is one many have a problem with. But do not despair. If you are finding it hard then here are a few tips to follow to make it a bit easier for you.
1. Be flexible
If you are very rigid in your time management and scheduling, you may find that things work brilliantly – until the unexpected happens. Then all is thrown into disarray. We all tend to underestimate how long it takes us to do something. So, rather than completely fill your day with everything that needs to be done, instead, try to spread things out so you are not overloaded. So, deliberately “under-schedule”. This will allow you some wiggle-room, just in case you are suddenly faced with a sick child or one who decides that she doesn’t really feel like napping today, even though today is the deadline for your big project!

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New Webinar: “Juggling Kids and Business Without Losing Your Sanity in 5 Easy Steps”

I am running a webinar next week to cater for all you busy mums out there who are struggling to balance everything you have going on in your life and help you get back some control and calm.

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“Juggling Kids and Business Without Losing Your Sanity in 5 Easy Steps”

Wednesday 15th April at 8pm AEST.

In this webinar, you will discover:

-the 5 easy steps to truly integrate business and family
-how to overcome the “mummy guilt”
-ways to increase profitability and productivity while decreasing your hours
-how to prioritise
-why multi-tasking sucks

All this and more!
This webinar is a revelation for all you mumpreneurs and working mums who are struggling with building a profitable, exciting business, but still want to be able to enjoy your role as a mum and be a star at both!

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