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5 Steps to a Flat Belly After 40

By Pauline A Delany

As women age, oestrogen levels decrease and the way their bodies distribute fat changes as well. If losing weight in your twenties was difficult, expect it to be even more challenging once you have passed the 40 mark. While it is more difficult to lose weight after 40, it is possible and well worth any effort it takes to get a flat tummy. Not only will a trimmer waistline make you look better, it will also improve your health and reduce your risk of some serious health conditions.

Step #1: Get Your Priorities StraightiStock_000014660057Small

The more important it is to you to reach your goals, the more likely you are to succeed. While getting a flat stomach may be important to your self-confidence, it is the association between belly fat and a number of serious health conditions that should provide you with the greatest motivation. People who have extra weight around the middle have been shown to be at a higher risk for developing high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease and high cholesterol.

Losing the fat on your abdomen is an important step towards living a healthier life in your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. Instead of just thinking about looking better in your swimsuit, imagine the positive and lasting impact losing those extra pounds could mean.

Step #2: Upgrade Your Exercise Plan

Women often find it frustrating that men can lose weight so much faster than they do. Men have more muscle, giving them a greater capacity to burn calories. Women also lose muscle as they age. To compensate for the loss in muscle, you need to either do more intense cardio exercises or perform them at longer intervals than you would have ten years ago. Many of the more popular workouts today have sections where they do high-energy intervals, or blasts, that speed up the heart rate to burn more calories than maintaining the same intensity throughout the workout.

In addition to cardio, you need a well-rounded exercise routine that is good for body and mind. Yoga and Pilates are good choices that you can do at home with a video or in a class at the gym. They also improve flexibility and strengthen the core which just happens to include the abdominals!

Step #3: Eliminate Stress

Stress causes the release of a hormone called “cortisol” which leads to more belly fat. Meditation, breathing exercises, and talking to friends are just some of the ways that you can step back, calm down, and take control of any situation. Take steps to plan ahead and stay organised so that last-minute problems don’t creep up. The better you are at planning, the less likely you are to encounter surprises that stress you out.

Step #4: Say “No” to Dieting

Do not make the mistake that many women make in thinking that you have to resort to starvation diets to lose weight after 40. While a slowing metabolism means reducing your calorie intake to get the flat tummy you want, the bigger focus will need to be on making healthier choices from which you get those calories. Eating foods that are high in hydrogenated oil leads to belly fat. Eating foods that are high in unsaturated fat leads to an increase in muscle tissue. Use small amounts of olive or canola oil to cook and eliminate prepared and processed foods from your diet. For snacks, or to add a little more taste to salads, eat nuts. Also, change from whole-dairy products to low-fat. Don’t eliminate dairy altogether as you need calcium for healthy bones and it also reduces levels of cortisol. Confused by conflicting information about what is healthy and what isn’t? Consider going to a nutritionist to work out a healthy way of eating that is tailored to your tastes and your lifestyle.

Step #5: See Your Physician

Belly fat often goes with ageing, but so do a number of health conditions that may be causing your sudden weight gain. Make sure that you have a clean bill of health before you start working towards your goal.

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Best Fat Burning Foods For Women Over 40

By K. Paul Mallasch

Fat-burning foods can contribute quite a lot to weight loss, overall fitness and a person’s aesthetic appeal. Diet plays an essential part in weight loss and fat-burning, and learning about the basics of fat-burning foods can increase weight loss dramatically. Combined with cardiovascular exercise and resistance training, proper diet can help yield great weight loss results, and dramatically melt away pounds and pounds of fat. For women over the age of forty, knowing what foods to eat to burn fat and keep the pounds off is essential to any fitness or weight loss regimen.

imagesAfter the age of forty, many women face increased challenges in remaining slender or in losing unwanted weight. Metabolic changes inhibit weight loss, and that simple starvation diet of yesteryear, the one that always burned away fats and helped prepare for swimsuit season just will not serve its purpose any longer. Using fat-burning foods can narrow the gap between the ideal body and the body with excess fat.

Called “thermogenic,” fat-burning foods simply require more energy to digest than they yield to the consumer. While this sounds like a bad deal when one is trying to get fed, using thermogenic foods to heighten weight loss efforts is a proven winner. Calories, the essential unit of measurement for how much energy is in a food, get used to digest foods that are, quite simply, difficult for the body to digest. Knowing what foods are thermogenic, and require more calories to break down is a great way to help your body start losing weight today.

Here are some examples of fat-burning foods:

    • Hot Peppers: Jalapenos, Habaneros and Cayenne peppers are all so spicy that they require excess stored calories to be used by the body to neutralize their capsacin and to digest properly. Eating spicy, pepper-rich foods can increase calorie deficit effects by as much as twenty-five percent


    • Oats: Oatmeal is a wonder-food, in that it fills a person up, yet does not create high insulin levels in the body. High insulin levels encourage the body to store calories as fats, whereas low insulin levels encourage the body to use the calories on hand to fulfill its energy requirements. Eating oatmeal for breakfast, and skimping on the brown sugar, can kick-start a metabolism into burning up to ten percent more energy daily.


    • Salmon: A lean fish that lowers Leptin levels in the body. Leptin is a hormone that encourages the body to store fat. The Leptin-inhibitors in salmon convince the body that storing energy as fat simply is not necessary.


    • Lean Beef: high levels of protein without high levels of fat can be challenging for the body to digest, requiring more calories than it may be taking in. A diet rich in high-protein, low-fat beef can result in calorie deficits, with the body expending more energy to digest food than it takes in with digestion.


    • Olive Oil: Switching out vegetable oil for olive oil is a great way to improve health. Olive oil lowers cholesterol, itself a fatty acid, and burns fat during digestion.


  • Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables: Fiber is difficult for the body to digest, and in fact it never does digest certain fibers completely. Essential for good bowel health past a certain age, high fiber foods require considerable energy to break down and pass through the digestive tract. Besides offering high quality vitamins, minerals and nutrients, fruits and vegetables high in fiber require significant calories to break down. Berries, celery, spinach, kale, carrots, onions, bananas, oranges, all of these and many more are very high in dietary fiber.

Weight loss is always challenging. Weight loss for women over the age of forty can be doubly so: the old tried-and-true methods no longer produce the desired results, and metabolic and hormonal changes heighten the challenges. Using thermogenic foods alongside proper exercise, though, can yield awesome weight loss results, as well as heighten overall fitness.

K. Paul Mallasch is the publisher of Health Courage, where you can learn more tips to burn fat fast.

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