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Flat Belly After 40- Is it Possible?

The seemingly impossible is possible once you learn the tummy laws towards achieving a flat belly after 40. Once you understand and implement the following guidelines below, you’re going to find that you will banish your belly fat, and have a flat, tight, and seemingly ageless midsection.

First off, you need to understand that getting rid of your belly fat goes beyond just obtaining iStock_000014660057Smallthe visual appeal you’re looking for. Your abdominals are for more than show; those core muscles play a main part in protecting your body from being injured; they support your back, and they allow you to perform all of your daily functions. It’s proven that the extra belly fat you carry around your waist – even when you have a healthy weight, including a good body mass index – still places you at a higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease and high cholesterol. And once you have turned 40, unfortunately your belly is the place that most of your excess weight tends to deposit.

Losing weight for women over 40 in the belly area is usually traditionally associated with sit-ups. Yes, they do have their benefits in getting a six-pack if that’s your goal, but they’re rather outdated in today’s new wave of exercising. Pilates and/or yoga are much more common, for women over 40 who are seeking flat bellies with amazing results that are not just on the surface, but reach a much deeper level. There are so many variations and styles available, making both styles seem a bit intimidating, but once you find one that is right for you; you’re going to love the amazing results you obtain.

But, you can do as many Pilates moves or crunches to strengthen or tighten your abs as you’d like, but until you burn off the top fat layer that’s covering your new abs, you’re never going to see the results you’ve accomplished. This is where cardio comes into play because, without it, you’ll end up with that ‘boxy’ look rather than the ‘lovely and lean’ looking midsection you’ve worked so hard for. Cardio doesn’t have to be a bore; some of the best ones are gentle-joint friendly, upbeat workout combinations of tai chi and kickboxing. So, as a woman over the age of 40, there are a variety of cardio options. You can go all out with high impact, sweaty activities like running or boxing. Or something not quite so intense. As long as it gets your heart rate up!

As always, all health-related aspects of looking good and feeling great come full circle and conclude with a well-balanced menu plan. And this is particularly important when you pass your 40 milestone. After the age of 40, your metabolism starts to slow down, and you may find that you need to reduce your portion size and be more careful with the types of food you are eating so you don’t put on weight (Particularly in the tummy area!) If you don’t want to sabotage those abs you’ve been working so hard to achieve, then be sure to stop eating the nasty culprits such as, sodium, sugar, processed foods, and hydrogenated fats to name a few. What you want to consume are foods that are going to improve your digestion, rev up your metabolism, and make you crave healthier types of food. Some of these include foods which are high in fiber, healthy fats, and lean proteins. However, a vital aspect which plays a role in your weight loss is showing off your abs, and this goes hand-in-hand with what you consume- your ability to maintain portion control when you are eating.

Following these simple steps, along with better food choices, will have you on your way to achieving a flat belly after 40.

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