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Dressing for a Black Tie Event When You Are Over 40

By Sharon Capehart

If you are over forty and you are looking for an outfit for a formal event such as a black tie affair, it is important to follow the proper protocol for formal events. Most times, the event will take place during the late afternoon or evening. You will have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from as well as styles.

One customary thing, though, is that the dress has to be full length, an evening gown or an elegant cocktail dress. One of the main gaffes in dressing formally is that women try too hard to find the cutest dress and that may not work out very well. Don’t forget that you want to be the person who stands out in the crowd and your dress is only there to offer support! If you don’t know what to purchase, always go for simple. Choose styles that flatter your body when you are not sure. You cannot go wrong with a long evening dress, the right accessories, the right hairstyle and the right purse.images

Choose something with a simple design and metallic finish to add elegance and an outfit that keeps up with the standards of formal wear. For women over forty, pay attention to how the sleeves and neckline are cut. Many formal gowns tend to be without sleeves and have plunging, but not really low cut necklines.

A Shawl

Is a shawl necessary? Well, a stole or shawl will complete your look. Drape it over a gown that is sleeveless so that you don’t have to resort to a jacket to hide your arms. A shawl or stole is stylish and can work for venues that take place outdoor or indoor.


Shoes are so important to finish off the dress. You don’t have to match dress and shoes color for color. When you shop, be sure to fit both shoes and dress at the same time to see if they look good together. Go for comfort over looks because changing shoes at a black tie event is not standard etiquette.


Be sure to shop for bracelets, earrings and necklace because they are the ideal accompaniment for your gown. Precious stones and pearls are excellent choices for appropriate jewelry. If your costume jewelry doesn’t look real, leave it for another event. Dangling earrings are mandatory if you opt for an updo hairstyle.


A detailed clutch purse is the right evening bag. Make sure it is small and it matches your dress and also your shoes.


Never panic when you are asked to a formal occasion. You can always come out looking amazing if you follow the advice above. What are your suggestions that our readers can benefit from? Let’s hear what you have to say.

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